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Geometry Dash - Challenge yourself with A Fun Brain Training App

Cool Math Apps review Geometry Dash App

   Geometry Dash is fun brain training game developed by Rob Top Game AB. The game knows as Geometry Dash has 2 versions for operating systems: One of which is free called “Geometry Dash Lite”.  Geometry Dash Lite is the lite version of Geometry Dash. Its popularity greatly surpasses that of the full version being free to download. People around the world would be glad to get it as it’s completely free –to- play. Since it’s released, there were more than 50.000 downloads with overall 4.5 rating on Google Play.
   Geometry Dash Lite is an exciting game that will test your ability to think of strategies as fast as you can. It’s also very complicated game in which you have to guide your somewhat a typical character, a cube, to the end of the level, jumping over all obstacles along the way. This game provides with a fast- paced which require you have to flexible and quick reflex.  You must quickly jump, lip and fly their geometric hero through a dangerous world of strikes, block, platform and more.
Fun Brain Training App - Geometry Dash

   There are 2 modes of play for you to choose: Normal and Practice. And depend on your hobby or your ability, you can choose which mode you prefer.
   This cool app currently includes eight levels from the full version like “ Stereo Madness, Back on track, Polargeist, Dry out, Base after Base, Can’t let go, Jumper, Time machine.” Finishing a level is a mammoth task, and the only thing that matters is your success rate. So, you have to attentive, be relaxed as there are a lots of differences obstacles along the way that will challenge how fast you make a strategy. Moreover, you can check your statistics at the top right of the screen which shows the number of attempts made total numbers of jump as well as the percentage.
   Coming into this game, you must jump your customized character over the geometric hazards. You can initially choose from one of four square characters, a space plane, a saw blade, a flying saucer, or an orb. Once you select your character, you move into completing the level in any mode you want. The further level you gets, the more icons and colors you can unlock to customize your character.
   It’s not too difficult to control this game. All you have to do is tap on any part of the screen to make this jump. It features one – touched controls for simplicity, yet the fast pacing of the game makes it challenging.
   Another way to enjoy the free Geometry Dash is through Facebook, as this game has developed a version that you can enjoy this social network ranked as the most used in the world, where users have profiles on this site may easy access to enjoy this adventure game with just the associate their accounts to play.
Fun Brain Training App - Geometry Dash
   This Cool App has some highlights attracting many people all over the world that you should notice. First of all, thanks to its vivid images combined with 2G graphic, this App encourages everyone join in to this game and try to play at their first side. Moreover, Geometry Dash Lite will give a chance to meet a cube character and many new levels that allow you create a new custom game setting.
   Why don’t you try to play this game once time?
   I’m sure that you’ll be pleased when you join in to this game.
   Just download this game and come to this wonderful world right now!

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