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Where’s My Water? 2 - Swampy's Underground Adventures

   Where’s My Water? 2 is a game released on September, 12,2013 by Walt Disney company and developed by Creature Feep. It's a FunBrain App for kids and for all of ages. It can be seen one of the most the excellent puzzle game of the year and the greatest cartoon drawer in the world.
    Where’s My Water? 2 has different stories and separate games. One is Swampy’s Story. Swampy is an alligator and he is the main hero. He lives in the sewers under the city along with other alligators. Unlike the other alligators, Swampy is friendly, curious and just loves to have a nice shower after a hard day’s work. Swampy finds himself in big trouble. The other alligators have damaged his pipes and there is no flow of water on the side he lives.

FunBrain Apps - Where's my water 2
   Your task in this game is that you have to help Swampy by getting water to his shower. You must cut through dirt, and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to help Swampy and his friends.
   As always, there are three ducks in each level to collect, and in this game, you need to get as many as possible to unlock level. You will need to do the same thing as in the previous game. Dig through land by swiping the screen to make way for water or steam and collect rubber ducks. However, you will be able to enjoy more obstacles and there are some differences in this version that you must notice.
   The first, the difference in this version is ‘Duck Rush” levels. In this version, you must dig as fast as you can and get as many duckies as possible. Getting water to pick up ducks is tough, but there’s way to do it. Cut a bowl shape into the dirt, then craft a ramp-like formation into it too. This could help launch your water up into another side of the pipe and up into the to collect ducks. Picking up more ducks and finishing more challenges leads to unlocking new level and special ducks.
FunBrain Apps - Where's my water 2
    The second, the new game includes a limited time where you will need to dig down and make sure that the water stays within the visibility range. The water is limited also, so you try all your best and make an effort to dig carefully and don’t let the water flow out. During the game, you will be able to buy boosts that make playing easier.
   Above all, one of the newest features for Where’s My Water? 2 is the addition of the energy meter. Once that bar run out of energy, you’ll be given the option of paying to refill it or waiting for it to refill without paying. You could wait…or you could just change your mobile device’s phone ahead by a few hours to start playing again. Connecting the game to Facebook will also give you a free energy refill.
   This App offers 100 levels and challenges with a brand new look in the Gator universe featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck.  The difficulties of the game will be increased after each level. In other words, the more water Swampy need, the more difficult you get. If you’re get stuck in any level, just use the hints to help you solve the puzzle.

FunBrain Apps - Where's my water 2

  The game play is quite simple.  It’s suitable for all of ages. No matter how old or young you are, you can play it easily. Furthermore, the game is complete with vibrant high-quality graphics, sensational soundtrack and intuitive controls. The sounds are pleasing and the music is not irritating. The noises that Swampy makes are really funny. That’s the reason why it drawn lots of attention around the world as soon as it launched.
Where’s My Water? 2 is completely free and available in App store and Google Play now.
There is no reason for you to refuse this Cool App.
Juts download and install this App as fast as you can.
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