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IQ Test by Tacoty App - Brain Trainer Special for Yourself

   How many brain teasers can you solve?
   Do you want to check it?
   Don’t worry!
   If you’re looking for something to check how much IQ you are or want to improve your brain skills by playing some games? IQ TEST is a right place for you. Follow Cool Math Apps and play IQ test now.
   Here you can find how smart you are as well as some tips or experiences to become a genius.
   As you know, brain games are mainly played with human memory. Brain puzzle games are played to increase the memory capability and to bear the pressure of thinking at the same time. By these brain games one can increase and refresh your IQ level as it is featured like that. There are also added some informative questions and answers when you are promoting to one level from another. And IQ TEST is one of them.
Fun Brain Training App - IQ Test

   IQ TEST is a brain game developed by MindGames with the purpose to measuring your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and find out what is your level of intelligence .The app is based on the question answer pattern where you have to answer the question by squeezing your brain and thus with the number of correct answers your IQ will be measured. It can help you increase your learning ability, memory, logical think ability and creativity and other brain skills from answer all the questions.
   When you join into this game, it offers for you to modes of play. You can choose any mode you want. Before beginning the test, please notice that the time is limited. In the first mode, you have 20 minutes to answer 33 questions. And in the second mode, it contain 39 questions of multiple choice which shouldn’t take you more than 40 minutes to finish all the questions. During the test, if you’re get stuck or not sure about any question, you can skip them first and move on those question you’re confident about. Then, you can come back to answer latter. You’re not awarded for finishing all the questions before the time up. So don’t hurry, just take your time and think carefully before giving your answers. You should notice that the difficulty of the game is increased gradually as well
   After submitting all the answers, you’ll get a result and see how many answer you answered correctly and how many score you get so that you can compare with your friend or evaluate your ability and promotion day after day. Furthermore, you can know how much our Intelligence Quotient you are from this. To understand your ability, you should rely on these things. “ IQ test is labeled this way that the 0 stands for no IQ, below 60 is feeble, 60-99 is below normal, 100-114 is normal, 115-124 is average, 125-134 is superior, 135-144 is very superior, 145-155 is gifted and above 155 is genius”
Fun Brain Training App - IQ Test

   One more interesting about this App is that no age is limited for testing your IQ and it’s enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world as they can play game without payment. It’s now available on Google play and become one of the Great App for IPhone, IPad and Android.
   What are you hesitating?
   Are you ready to check your IQ?
   Download IQ TEST to test and get a chance become a genius right now!
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