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Opculato Math Game Free - To Be The Best Math Wizard by A Cool Math App

   Do you have trouble in learning Math?
   Do you think it’s too difficult for you to learn?
   Do you want to improve this subject?
   It doesn’t a matter with you anymore because now we have OPCULATO – which can help you make the miracle.
   OPCULATO is an arithmetic operator calculator puzzle game. It can be seen one of a great way to test your arithmetic knowledge and keep your mind sharp. As soon as this App launches, it draws the means of communication’s as well as lots of people’s attention over the world. Since 2010, OPCULATO has been already become popular through the world like: the United State, Japan, South Korea, Germany and so on. Millions of students worldwide use OPCULATO to make their learning math progress faster and more effective. OPCULATO has been released for Android and IOS for 5 years. And in this this year, in July 2015, a brand new version of this App has now been launched. It’s now free and available on GooglePlay for Android, Nook and Kindle.
Cool Math Apps - Opculato
   OPCULATO is a great app hoping to change the way you learn by becoming your own personal brain training. This is a good software designed which can help you train the brain and improve memory, logic and deduction.  It’s not too difficult to find out some apps that have the same purpose, it’s not rare at all. However, the innovative methods of this App has helped it stand out than the others. It attracts everyone because of the exquisite design and rich in detail in each game. Furthermore, one of the most important factors which help the users keep going use this game is the equal between the challenges and the funnies.
   This cool math app can play with or without the use of calculator depending on your arithmetic knowledge. You can also use a calculator to play at first but the game is far more enjoyable playing without a calculator and the benefits and satisfaction are far greater.
   It’s a quite easy for you to control this App. You just touch and drag the operators into the empty cells in the puzzle, until equations add up. And the gameplay of OPCULATO is quite easy too. All you have to do is filling in the blank square with these four primary math operator like +, -, *,/ to solve the given arithmetic equations and then solve the downward arithmetic equation to figure out what number should go in the bottom square. The puzzles are randomly generated and guaranteed solvable. Each puzzle game hasa unique solution for it.

Cool Math Apps - Opculato 2

   The Game Includes:3000 Easy Puzzles for kids; 3000 Medium level puzzles; 3000 Hard puzzles for young and old adults. It also offers 100 levels of increasing difficulty. Each puzzle starts off with an easy arithmetic equation that requires one arithmetic operator to be entered into a blank square.The second equation is a little harder and requires two arithmetic operators to be entered into the two blank squares.The third equation is more difficult and requires three arithmetic operators to be entered into the three blank squares. The fourth equation is the most difficult and requires four arithmetic operators to be entered into four blank squares. Finally when all the arithmetic operators are entered in each square one downward equation must be solved to find the whole number to be entered in the blank square at the bottom of each puzzle. It doesn't matter if you don't get the puzzle correct the first time. It's more important that you try and work out the math in your head. The more you practice this type of hard mental training the stronger you will become. One puzzle can take 5 minutes to complete. You can get 3-stars for a perfect solution and have an opportunity to be the best math wizard of all the time.

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   This is an educational game for all. Notonly does it challenges the smart kids but also the adults.
   OPCULATO supports about 12 languages such as: English; Spanish; Japanese; German; French; Chinese; Vietnamese; Italian; Korean; Danish; Portuguese; Dutch so that it can attract as much as people from different country around the world.
   The more you practice this type of hard mental training, the stronger you will become.
   Don’t hesitating! Get it now!
   Let’s download and install OPCULATO as fast as you can to make the most of this gorgeous App.

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