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Banana Kong - "Endless Runner"

   Banana Kong is in the category of "endless runner" (run without stops) increasingly prevalent. Proof is a series of games like Minion Rush, Banana Kong, ... was born and attracted many players. Banana Kong (also known as eating bananas monkey or gluttonous monkey) is an extremely interesting game on iOS platform, manufactured by FDG Mobile Games GbR.
   The way to play the game is simple, you just need to control a monkey running away from a mountain landslide and eating as many bananas as possible. Like Temple Run or Panem Run, Banana Kong (gluttonous baby monkey) also offers many exciting experiences through endless runnings. 
Fun Training Brain - Banana Kong

   The task of the player is quite simple: just run, eat bananas and dodge obstacles. During your journey, you may gain supports from so many friends in the forest like birds, wild pigs, turtles and giraffes. They can help you survive longer to eat more bananas ... The bananas you have eaten will be converted into money. That money will help you equip items to your monkey, or may upgrade mounts and of course the support can be purchased by accumulated bananas along the way like running fast, banana magnets,...
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   Make sure you can enjoy wings, hats in the game because they are cute. Other reasons which make players like Banana Kong are colorful images of the game with funny sounds and characters are designed with funny expressions. And the reason why monkeys are always running is pretty funny. Bananas missed. If you hit more obstacles, the pace will be slower than monkeys and after a while, the monkey will be squashed quickly. 
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   FDG Mobile Games GbR is very creative when they create beside running on the ground, monkeys can also creep skyward underground, or swim underwater. What a talented monkey!!! Join us in endless trips of Banana Kong, enjoy marvelous graphics and funny sounds. These will be fantastic moments for all players of all ages at any time, anywhere.

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