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Duet - Simple Game-Play, Simple Graphic Design

   Duet is a product of independent development studios Kumobius released first for the Android system, then on iOS and PC upward. The game has won many awards for sound and images even the title of "Best Game" on telephone 2013.
   Duet is a form of strategic game requiring you to navigate to go through obstacles by dodging them by default circular arc.

Fun Training Brain App - Duet

    Duet has a simple game-play, you simply touch the two angles of the screen to control two circular blocks to move to the left or right. However, the game makes players excited by the difficulty that each level brings. Just touch one of the frames and you will have to return to the starting line.
   Duet is quite various of levels, including the main part "Story" divided into nine chapters, besides, the "Epilogue" with new screens and the "Challenge" includes the "Endless" forcing gamers to venture without losing and daily challenges.

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   To pass the levels of Duet easily you can:
- Remember the direction of movement of the cubes: Each cube in small plays has unchanged direction if you have to play again. To easily pass a turn, you should remember their directions to achieve the best results.
- Remember some certain directions: Actually there is not too much directions, the difficulty Duet creates is the mixture of speed and obstacles. In some cases you have to remember how to overcome these barriers such as obstacles form of rotating, interlocking obstacles, obstacles in a row,...
- Keep in mind what obstacles you plunged into: When crashing an obstacle and having to play again, remember how it moved, predicting the way to control and to pass it before replaying.
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    Duet is like a test of perseverance, patience and reflecting ability of players. It is not easy and you might easily make mistakes and constantly stuck at some point in the game screen.
   Duet is also like a difficult dance, letting us make some mistakes at the beginning. Once you have mastered, step over obstacles, challenges, you will then be able to feel the joy.

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