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Monument Valley - The Adventure with Silent Princess Ida

   Monument Valley is a puzzle game bringing players into the adventure with silent Princess Ida in her redemption. Monument Valley requires players to have a rich imagination to navigate and figure out architectures by changing its structures and constructing roads which are not expected to exist. 

Fun Training Brain - Monument Valley

   Right from the first glance, the game has made players surprisingly exclaim: "What kind of space is this?". Indeed, the mysterious world of the game is the unique beautiful architecture but also full of kaleidoscope. Players must use their thinking ability to turn every stair in the game to create the aisle for Ida, of course, these principles can not happen in real life. With a simple start, players will immediately immerse in the illusory world of Monument Valley, an astonishing world hiding messages through music tunes.
   Monument Valley is a game revolving around that idea, where players will get themselves going through the illusion, the effect deceiving their eyes to bring Ida to the final destination of the journey. But do not regard Monument Valley as a challenging puzzle game or a product which brings players headache. All you see is a gentle journey, not the game which keeps on asking researching but just simply requires players to use rotating mechanism lifting path and with a little luck, players can bring Ida to the destination. 

Fun Training Brain - Monument Valley 2

   Ustwo brand has adroitly applied Penrose Triangle vision tricky technique to make the world in the game become strange and unique. Beside Monument Valley creative playing type, it also owns a real graphic file of the virtual world. There, where Ida goes through is not coarse but purely an art painting, a scenic blend of soft colors and elegant handpaintings. That beauty is also somehow pointed through sound array, where during each step, every action of the main character will be a single note connecting sweet melodies. 

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   If you need a game on scale bringing thrills, Monument Valley is probably not for you, but if you look for a work of art, a beautiful painting or a smooth piece of music, this is definitely a smart choice of yours!!!
   Go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of Monument Valley to have most amazing feelings.

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