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Piano Tiles - Don't Tap The White Tiles

    Piano Tiles- addictive game title for piano enthusiasts. This is also a very good game training your ability to be quick and concentrate very well for players.
   In the game, players will become a pianist and play the music that you love. The task of the player is touching black notes floating down from top to bottom with progressive speed. If you touch white spots, you will lose. Additionally, players are not allowed to hit black spots that have hit the order from the lowest to the highest notes.

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   Players have 6 main game modes, each mode has two to three options to choose to play. Detail:
• Classic Mode: Complete game tracks which have the length of 25 or 50 pitches in the shortest time. The main achievement is the time you complete the track.
• Arcade Mode: Select the drift speed of frets: Normal, Fast or Reserve. The achievement is the number of black spots players achieve.
• Zen Mode: Unlimit the number of pitches but limit the playing time. The achievement is black spots achieved in 15 or 20 seconds.
• Rush Mode: Similar to the Arcade mode but with 2 extra Slower and Normal modes for players to choose. Achievements as players gain velocity (in seconds).
• Relay Mode: Select play within 8/10 of 50 pitches or 12 seconds. If completing 50 pitches earlier than the time allowed, players will be given more 8.10.12 seconds to play 50 new pitches.
• Mode Arcade +: Including patriarchy as: Bomb (avoid the red Bomb appearing mixed with crotchet), Lighting (appearing flashing impede the ability to locate black pitches), Double (with two black spots in the same row). There is also bilayer or undetermined mode.
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   The reason Tiles Piano become a popular title is: polysyllabic piano sound under famous tracks, you can choose over 20 different game modes, simple playing types and addictive. Another feature is that it is supported to be shared on social networks. Now you can share your achievements as well as terrible track positions on the array of ratings themselves. Various color themes. If you feel too bored with the monotony of black notes, you can change the color from black to your favorite color (15 different color choices for players).
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   If you are a music lover and want to create your own style of music then what are we waiting? Piano Tiles is a great choice for you.

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