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The Room - If You Are a Fan of Brain Training Games

   Launched while the mobile market is having extremely fierce competitions between action games, "The Room" from the developer Fireproof Games though has a fairly simple content but has led many gamers to be truly curious all day to be able to complete a level.
   To put it simply, The Room is a combination of Myst and Riven. Puzzles which are tough is easy to create a feeling of lost and disorientation for players. The author will not be surprised if you feel scared of something can not be explained by looking at a dark scene with few rays of light.

Fun Brain Training - The Room
   Each puzzle in The Room always makes players be able to imagine weird scient things. The main thing creating The Room is the key of each item, which is the reason why developers establish them. The more you explore deeply into the game, the harder you'll want to take your eyes off the screen when the answer seems like it is now in sight, just need to add a little more engagement only.
   As in normal life, players are likely to freely examine everything from the near and far zoom by touching the screen 2 times. Want to rotate a certain item? Scan your finger on the screen or tilting the equipment. Maybe the creation of the game sometimes makes players confused so that they do not know how to solve a problem while the answer is very simple.

Fun Brain Training - The Room 2

   Graphics in the game are also consistent with circumstances. Books will bring to players a touch of the past through years or old wooden tables. The equipments are blowed with physical effects checked carefully by producers.
   Sound system are no longer less competitive. Collisive noise when crashing a certain item, a mysterious sound emitting outside the door are always creating a feeling of anxiety, a vague fear which can not be explained... It is absolutely not too much to say that The room is the pinnacle of  "brain hacking".

Fun Brain Training - The Room icon

   The Room is in 9/10 most rankings of many popular websites and considered the game does not have any negative point. If you're a fan of puzzle games, it will really be wasted if your smartphone does not have the presence of The Room.

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