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Zombie Tsunami - A Fun Game About Zombies

   The content of the game is the story of a battle between zombies and humans . No one would have been unfamiliar with the series of games like Zombies and Plant Zombies, Zombies Live,... however unique idea in Zombie Tsunami is that instead of playing a protagonist protecting humankind and destroying monsters, Zombie Tsunami gamers will play as the Zombies and go hunting humans.
   When you start the game you will only be a zombie and will begin the process of building themselves a strong army of your own. The way to play can be described as follows , you just control rebel army of zombies and attack as many people as possible.

Cool Math Apps - Zombie Tsunami

   There is an interesting thing is when you attack a person, they will turn into zombies and join your army . Try to overcome obstacles in the game: bombs, pits, transport vehicles, .. if you do not want your troops to be gradually worn. You will lose and play again from the beginning if your Zombies die all. During the move, there will be a lot of items such as gold coins or other special item boxes which help your army get special abilities in a limited time like flying in vacuum, gold armor or becoming a Ninja.

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   Besides that, there will be tasks for you including date and time you play the game, collecting gold coins, eating people, ignoring a group of people, making the score on demand or capturing passengers on cars into your zombie army,… Each time you complete tasks, you 'll have more money. That money will help you buy accessories, or upgrade power for your Zombies. Zombie Tsunami is designed with many features which is every attractive and addictive. Pictures of the game are also created with funny and humorous styles.
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   Especially, images of zombies opening their mouth widely to eat everything on their way are quite impressive to players, bringing a totally new and unique experience to them. Zombie Tsunami promises to give you most comfortable laughters. So why do you have to hesitate any longer? Download this game to your phone and try it right away!
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