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Triple Town - A Puzzle Game Including Intellectual Interesting Entertainment

   Triple Town is a puzzle game including intellectual interesting entertainment. The game is provided by Spry Fox LLC publisher, it is warmly welcomed by the gaming community worldwide. Though it is not unique, with gentle, wise playing type and cute, simple images, Triple Town For Android has reached for  millions of players’ heart, particularly focusing on teenage gamers.
   With the initial base the game offers, the more widely you build the city, the more scores you earn for yourself. It seems simple, but having mentioned before, this is an intellectual puzzle game so you also have to concentrate much.  So the question here is how to play Triple Town in the most effective way?
Cool Math Apps - Triple Town

Banana Kong - "Endless Runner"

   Banana Kong is in the category of "endless runner" (run without stops) increasingly prevalent. Proof is a series of games like Minion Rush, Banana Kong, ... was born and attracted many players. Banana Kong (also known as eating bananas monkey or gluttonous monkey) is an extremely interesting game on iOS platform, manufactured by FDG Mobile Games GbR.
   The way to play the game is simple, you just need to control a monkey running away from a mountain landslide and eating as many bananas as possible. Like Temple Run or Panem Run, Banana Kong (gluttonous baby monkey) also offers many exciting experiences through endless runnings. 
Fun Training Brain - Banana Kong

Counting Scout Math Game - Play with Math and Give Your Brain Workout

   Is mathematics confusing and boring?
   Are you looking for a fun way to bring learning to life or reinforce math concepts in the form of game?
  It’s really difficult for you to choose because there are plenty of apps for you to enjoy and learnnowadays.
   However, it doesn’t matter for you to choose anymore.
   Counting Scout – a cool math game that you should bound to enjoy.
   These level math apps are a win-win for teachers and parents who want to motivate their kids to sharpen their math skills!
   Counting Scout is a great and awesome App which can help the kids improve their math skills. It’s now available on Market and gets much attention of lots of people. Moreover, People around the world be glad to get it because it’s completely free to play and having much fun during play this game.  As soon as it released, there are more than 50000 thousands downloads On Google Play with overall 4.4 rating on Market until now.
Cool Math App - Counting Scout Math Game

   Here you’ll find a range of game printable Math game to help you develop your strategic, logical thinking, memory thinking and other math skills as well. Furthermore, this is a good chance for you to learn about and demonstrate your proficiency in probability.

   Coming into Counting Scout, it encourages you to play some cool math games. This game has 4 sections for you to choose: easy, medium, hard, and expert. Depend on your hobby or your ability, you can choose section you want. For each section, there are many levels of game that you have to overcome. Moreover, you’ll have opportunity to practice math skills in some subjects like : addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and standard form, as well as combinations of these.
   The gameplay of this game is quite simple. It easy to understand how to play this game and solve the challenging math problems.Hence, it doesn’t take a lots of time to catch up with and make acquaintance at the beginning.All what you have to do is that you play to solve the math based un-problems and score attributes that you can carry in your backpack. For each level, there have 10 math questions for you to answer.  With one correct answer, you can collect one attribute. When you get enough attributes, you will level up. However, nothing is easy if you don’t know how to try. The time is limited for each question. So, don’t divide your attention, make sure that you’ll complete your answer within the time it offers or try all your best to finish in shortest time as possible. The shorter time you use, the higher points you get. This game also shows you a rank table to know who raise the top and encourage you to beat them.
   The interesting thing about most of Counting Scout Math game is that kids of all ages can play them. The best part is that you don’t know you are learning as you’ll be having so much fun playing math games.  Although it is a bit difficult during solving math problems, it is very good at developing strategic thinking skills for yourself.
Cool Math App - Counting Scout Math Game icon

   Not only does it attract many people thanks to the amazement of this game that helps you stay sharp, makes problem solving fun and rewarding while you learn, but also rely on its awesome graphics which can attract everyone at their first sight. In addition, counting Scout Math is professionally developed combine with the cool sound has been creating a gorgeous game app for everyone.
   This is a free Math game available in Market now.
   Let have fun with Counting Scout to improve your math calculation speed skill.

Hardest Game Ever 2 – The Most Difficult Game in The World

   If you used to play some puzzle game like “What’s My IQ”, “ Stupidness 3”… I think that you shouldn’t miss “Hardest Game Ever 2”. It’s definitely for you to relax and train your mind as well.
   Hardest Game Ever 2 was developed by Orangenose Studio and released on March, 21, 2013. Since it launched, it became very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be glad to get it coz it’s free to play. It’s now available on App store for you to download and get overall 4.5 rating on Google play until now. Hardest Game Ever 2 has landed on Games Rhino and offers to you many challenges of seeing whether you can overcome the hardest free game ever created.
Fun Brain Training App - Hardest game ever 2

Where's My Perry? Free - A Physics-Based Puzzler Game for Android

    Where's My Perry? Free is a game runs on Android and ISO which was inspired from Where’s My Water game. It’s was developed by Disney company. Since it released, it becomes very popular around the world and thousands of gamers get it enthusiastically without payment.
    Where’s My Perry? Free is a place where you can have funny with the adventures of Phineas, Ferb and Perry, stopping the evil and escaping out of annoying. It’s also a good place for you to play some Perry games online and more Disney XD games. Moreover, come into this game, you’ll have chance to enjoy the story of the game – about Agent P.Perry from Phineas and Ferb is no ordinary platypus, he’s actually a semi-aquatic sleuth known as Agent p.  In this Where’s My Pretty game, you must help Phineas and Ferb find Perry, his platypus.

Fun Brain Training Apps - Where's My Perry 2

IQ Test by Tacoty App - Brain Trainer Special for Yourself

   How many brain teasers can you solve?
   Do you want to check it?
   Don’t worry!
   If you’re looking for something to check how much IQ you are or want to improve your brain skills by playing some games? IQ TEST is a right place for you. Follow Cool Math Apps and play IQ test now.
   Here you can find how smart you are as well as some tips or experiences to become a genius.
   As you know, brain games are mainly played with human memory. Brain puzzle games are played to increase the memory capability and to bear the pressure of thinking at the same time. By these brain games one can increase and refresh your IQ level as it is featured like that. There are also added some informative questions and answers when you are promoting to one level from another. And IQ TEST is one of them.
Fun Brain Training App - IQ Test

Dumb way to die 2 - Relax Brain with A Funny App – The Stupidest Way to Die

   Dumb way to die 2 - A Fun Brain training App to become the Smartest guy in the smart guys. Now, What's Dumb way to Die 2?
   Following the remarkable success of the Dumb Ways to Die , Metro Trains has released a follow-up title available exclusively from the iTunes App Store today. That’s Dumb way to die 2. If you used to become a fan of the first version, I’m sure that you can’t miss the second version of this game named:” The games”. It’s a game for kids and for everyone to relax.  Now it's available for IPhone, IPad, Android on the App store or Google Play
Fun Brain Training Apps - Dumb Ways to Die 2

Geometry Dash - Challenge yourself with A Fun Brain Training App

Cool Math Apps review Geometry Dash App

   Geometry Dash is fun brain training game developed by Rob Top Game AB. The game knows as Geometry Dash has 2 versions for operating systems: One of which is free called “Geometry Dash Lite”.  Geometry Dash Lite is the lite version of Geometry Dash. Its popularity greatly surpasses that of the full version being free to download. People around the world would be glad to get it as it’s completely free –to- play. Since it’s released, there were more than 50.000 downloads with overall 4.5 rating on Google Play.
   Geometry Dash Lite is an exciting game that will test your ability to think of strategies as fast as you can. It’s also very complicated game in which you have to guide your somewhat a typical character, a cube, to the end of the level, jumping over all obstacles along the way. This game provides with a fast- paced which require you have to flexible and quick reflex.  You must quickly jump, lip and fly their geometric hero through a dangerous world of strikes, block, platform and more.
Fun Brain Training App - Geometry Dash

What's My IQ? ™ - Do You Want Check What Your Brain is?

   Do you want to check what your IQ is?
   Do you want to find out how genius you really are?
   What's My IQ? ™ is definitely for you now!
   What's My IQ? ™ is a new brain training game which can help you improve your intelligence including short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and spatial recognition.  It’s a great and awesome App developed by Orangenose Studios and released on April 11, 2014. Since it launched, it has been becoming very popular around the world. Thousands of gamers from all kind of ages be glad to get it because it’s completely free to play and they don’t need to purchase. What's My IQ? ™  is sitting in the top 10 games list on the Us App store as well. Currently, there are over 1,000,000 users on Market and rating 4.7 on Google Play App store.
Fun Brain Training App - What is my IQ

Languinis: Match and spell - A Unique Blend of Match-3 and Word Game

   Welcome to the wondrous world of the Languinis - a world where words are colorful gems of wisdom. Languinis's a fun Brain Training Apps for everyone.
   Languinis: Match and spell is the first action puzzle game of its kind that blends together the Word Puzzle and the Match-3 genres in a frantic, highly strategic and educational challenge. This game can be seen one of two most popular game genres are combined in this unique new puzzle hybrid all over the world – an original mash up spelling and match 3-games.
   This game was developed by Titling Point Spotlight for IPhone, IPad and Android…The first version was released on May 13, 2015 that ranks in the top 50 most popular applications in the U.S.
Fun Brain Training Apps - Languinis Match and Spell

Brain Wars - Train your mind with A FunBrain App

   If you are a game lover and want to challenge your friend, colleagues as well as yourself, Brain Wars is perfect one for you.
   Brain Wars is one of the most extremely harmful brain game and getting heat for many gamers around the world. And it's also a cool math game It was released by Transmit, Inc and launched on the Google Play store. Since it released, it has gotten a gorgeous 50 thousands five-star rating with an overall 4.2 rating on Market until now.
FunBrain Apps - Brain Wars

Dragon Mania - Relax after Play FunBrain App with Cute Dragons of Gameloft

   You want to relax after play Cool Math and FunBrain App in
   Dragon Mania is the interest choice for you.
   Dragon Mania is a great app created by Gameloft. It can be seen one of the top-rated dragon breeding apps in Market now.  Furthermore, it becomes very popular around the world and holding 4.2 rating on Google play currently. It’s completely free so don’t worry about the fee.
   Joining in this game, you’ll have chance to build for yourself a romantic island and live in a colorful world with many interesting things.
FunBrain App - Dragon Mania Legends